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Homemade Fudge

Since opening our doors in March of 1998, our homemade cream and butter fudge remains our most popular confection. People tell us it is the best they have ever tasted, and many of them never even liked fudge until they’ve tried ours! We keep it interesting by offering all your favorites like Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut, Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl, as well as Amaretto Chocolate, Butterfinger, Heath Toffee, and so many more! Call for flavor availability if your favorite is not listed online.

Something Sweet’s fudge has been shipped to every state in the Union, several countries and, most importantly to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Always fresh, and ready for you to sample everyday in-store, you simply cannot go wrong choosing our fabulous fudge for yourself or anytime a gift is needed.

Available in three-quarter and one-and-a-quarter pound boxes.

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